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Introduction: February 2010

Hi, I'm Caleb. I'm 11 years old. I have nine siblings and I am the last one. I have two older brothers and two older sisters at home.

Most of the day I do school-work. I do language, math, science, and history. I can do math but I hate history. Science and language are about equal.

On my time off I go and bug Timothy. :) I also listen to things online, or play Inkball on my computer, or play catch outside with Tim. Or I might go build something in the garage.

This is me! :)

I have a Chinese dwarf hamster. He is gray with black stripes down his back. His name is Max. He likes to run on his exercise wheel and keep me up in the middle of the night! :) He likes the tubes on his cage a lot. He likes to eat sunflower seeds but he doesn't get many of them because they would make him fat. He also eats white millet, corn, wheat, and vitamins.

My favorite thing to do is buy electronic junk from thrift stores, tear it apart, and get the pieces. I then use my soldering iron and a pair of pliars. I also like to roller-blade around the block with my mom and Timmy. (My Mom walks!) I enjoy playing ball with my brother Matthew's dogs Buddy and Farley. I also like to build things and work on this website. I really like this new website my parents bought us kids for Christmas. I have lots of ideas for it. You can see my different pages using the links at the top of the page. I hope you enjoy them!

I made a bottle rocket launcher.