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Me and my older brother Matthew,
who is my hero.

June 22 2010.

Too many strawberries.....

Now strawberries have their advantages and disadvantages.


1. The best desserts in the world!

Yummy Pie
Photo by Caleb A. Aardsma, March, 2010.

2. I at last get to make some money from the garden sales.


1. I have to clean and stem berries, lots of berries!.

2. I have to give kids that come to visit pick strawberries farm tours.

3. We have to make jam which means stemming more berries.

4. I have to pick strawberries-- lots of strawberries.

5. I get to work some 13 hour days.

May 16, 2010

Here are the mushrooms that I grew. My Mom loved them in her salads.

Caleb's home-grown mushrooms.
Photo by Caleb A. Aardsma, March, 2010.

May 1, 2010

The one thing I don't like about summer is the bees. I have seen too many of them so I decided that I would get my trusty BB gun and see if the bees still think they rule the skies. I thought the job might be a bit dangerous but as they say, no guts no glory! So I headed to the back of the house where the bees swarm. (I'm not so scared of a bee when I have a gun in hand and loaded.) I leaned up against the building and up flew a bee. I shot at it a bunch of times but no success. Than I thought to myself I guess I need to wait a bit till one gets close enough. I was there for a long time it seemed, but one got too close so I took the shot and got it right in the head.

March 19, 2010

The answer regarding who is in the pictures below is that neither of them is me! They are both of my brother Matt when he was my age. The way I look now is just like he did when he was ten. Sorry. I guess it was a trick question!

Now Matt is almost 20 and has two dogs and some pigeons. His dogs names are Farley and Buddy. Farley should have been named Tigger, I think.

Here is Farley jumping for joy!
Photo by Caleb A. Aardsma, March, 2010.

Here are some of Matthew's of pigeons!
Photo by Caleb A. Aardsma, March, 2010.

Science Experiment

Mom got a mushroom kit going for us kids. I help her set it up.

Here I am leveling the manure.
Photo by Caleb A. Aardsma, March, 2010.

Pouring the peat moss into a bowl of water.
Photo by Caleb A. Aardsma, March, 2010.

Leveling the peat moss and putting the spores on top.
Photo by Caleb A. Aardsma, March, 2010.

March 18, 2010

I like to play pick-up-sticks. Last night I played with Beka, Rachel and Tim. Rachel won and Beka came second.

Beka doing a very skilled move!
Photo by Caleb A. Aardsma, March, 2010.

Which one of these pictures do you think is of me? You can e-mail me at and tell me what you think.

Is it me or not? Photo by Helen Aardsma.

Tell me who this is? Photo by Helen Aardsma.

March 17, 2010

Spring is coming faster then ever this year on the prairie in Central Illinois. I have seen robins, killdeers and cardinals.

Here is a robin that was
singing happily in one of our trees.
Photo by Caleb A. Aardsma, March, 2010.

February 26, 2010

David, (my brother) and his wife Kathryn and their daughter Cailyn (my niece) came to visit. They just purchased a teeny, tiny Boston Terrier! He is so cute! Cailyn is pretty cute too!

We all talked about what they should name the new puppy. They couldn't decide what to name it. I guess they just wanted to go home and think about it.

Here is my brother David Aardsma's new puppy! Photo by Helen Aardsma, February, 2010.