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With the pictures in these pages I'd like to give you a visual idea of who I am, and what my family and my life is like. I'll give each one a caption so you know who everybody is and what's going on as well! Enjoy! (Oh yeah, that picture above is my little brother Caleb! This is just one of the many pictures both on this page and the rest of the site taken by an excellent friend of mine. He graciously gave me permission to use his photos on this website.)

Well, to begin with, here is me enjoying a field full of flowers and a beautiful day!

Me again--trying on a friend's cowboy boots! (Same day...same outfit...different mood! :o))

This is my mom and dad. (The hands belong to my brothers...my parents hate having their picture taken so in order to get one of just them I had to do a little cropping!)

Here is my brother Matthew! He is cutting wood for the new floors we put in this winter. He looks a little strange due to the big glasses, but this is basically what he looks like! :o)

Matthew again, preparing to blast some unsuspecting target!

This is my dear sister Beka. She doesn't like this picture of herself, but I do, so I figured I would have to put in on here since she'll never use it herself! (What are sisters for but to show people pictures of yourself that you can't stand???)

Here is another picture of Beka! (I have so many favorite pictures of her--you'll have to bear with me!) I love this picture of the two of us! We're both laughing!

This is another of my absolute favorites of her! I just love her smile here!

Meet my brother Tim! This fall Matthew took him dove hunting, and he got all painted up for it!

Tim and my brother Caleb made this crazy 'double bike' this fall, it was hilarious to see them try to ride it!!

And this is Caleb!! I love this picture of him!! He made the jump he is going over--if you look you can see he's already knocked the bar off!

A few months ago Caleb took a ride with a friend in what he would probably call a neat (and what I would probably call a weird) scooter thingy.

Also part of the family are the pets! Buddy is Matthew's dog---he's an award-winning, sweet, oversized Shetland Sheepdog!

This picture is so Farley! He's our other dog, a Golden Retriever. Big, fluffy, hyper-active, crazy, adorable....that's Farley!

Here are both the dogs, looking uncharacteristically good! :o)

Of course, no set of pictures of my family is complete without my much-loved cat, Jack. He's a big, gray, affectionate, super friendly, sweet stray I adopted about a year ago. Here he is pretending to be a big scary lion in Africa. :o)